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Original Badge Icons

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12 minutes ago, Sirmadsen said:

Is there anyway to restore or get the original badge icons? Somehow all my badges was duplicated and when deleting the duplicates all icons got deleted with them. I've managed to restore 12 so far but four are missing still.

// Sirmadsen

Solved it. For anyone else who might screw up their badges:

  1. Download the 4.6 IPS installation from your Client Area and unpack it.
  2. Go to your badges menu in your ACP.
  3. Click on Import and then import the badges.xml found in "yourfolder\applications\core\data\achievements".
  4. Make sure that "Remove existing unassigned badges" is set to Yes.
  5. Voila, badges restored and keep all other information like users earned etc.
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