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Please use thumbs for the record images in search snippet. The template recordResultSnippet.html:

<ips:template parameters="$indexData, $itemData, $url, $condensed" />
{{if $condensed}}
	{{if $itemData['record_image']}}
		<span class='ipsThumb_bg ipsThumb_small ipsPos_left' style='background-image: url("{file="$itemData['record_image']" extension="cms_Records"}")'>
			<img src='{file="$itemData['record_image']" extension="cms_Records"}' alt='{$indexData['index_title']}' class="">
	<div class='{{if $itemData['record_image']}}ipsColumns ipsColumns_collapsePhone{{endif}}'>
		{{if $itemData['record_image']}}
			<div class='ipsColumn ipsColumn_medium'>
				<a href='{$url}'>
						{template="thumbImage" group="global" app="core" location="front" params="$itemData['record_image'], $indexData['index_title'], 'large', '', 'view_this', NULL, 'cms_Records'"}

For the image heavy database the activity stream has a terrible performance if every record image has over 4 MB.

Thank you!

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