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Paid Project: Integrate forum commenting into WP news site

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We already have our Invision Community setup and functional, but we need to integrate into our news articles to replace our legacy comments section and drive readers/commenters to the relevant article on the forum. Something like this:


This way, they're encouraged to write their comment, before being told to create an account. And ideally, once the comment is made, it attaches to the thread/article in question. AND if the reader already has an account, they're able to just enter their comment without needing to sign in again

Then above that, we display the recent comments in a nice looking window (currently have this already but doesn't look great:


 We'd also want to display recent comments on our homepage and article pages - a bit like what we have on the forum page:
there's probably already a good plugin/widget for this. We could use a vertical one on the right side of the article pages but we'd need a horizontal one for the Home Page.
And then any other suggestions for how we can improve the forum offering and help to drive more people.
Open to offers or hourly rates. Not a lot of work, but would ultimately lead to more projects and enhancements in the future.


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