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Option to delete own account

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15 hours ago, IP-Gamers said:

This can already be done using third-party modules.

The request was to include this into the core and away from 3rd party. 😉

It would be perfectly acceptable for this to be a feature that the admin could enable or disable, though—allowing you to decide what you believe is best for your community.

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Have you got commerce? If so, why not create a new Dept, add the link to the menu. And then people can create a request to delete the account. 

I wouldn’t want people to be able to delete accounts without it being checked first (for example). I don’t delete accounts usually (unless they have no posts). I therefore delete personal info, and anonymise their posts. As I don’t like posts being deleted as they can ruin the flow of posts/topics.

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14 hours ago, Matt said:

We have considered this and we would only make it so the member could request it, but not actually do it. There'd need to be a cooling off period, etc. Easy in the heat of the moment to delete everything and then ask for backups the next day.


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A cooling period would be best if it did happen automatically, but only after "X" many days, and they had the option to cancel beforehand. That would give the members time to cool off and change their minds or commit to their choice. Ideally, not requiring staff involvement would be preferred (in my opinion).

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I would love for this.

At the minute members will send me a PM, I have a ready made reply which gives them 30 days and makes them aware that once deleted, no going back.

If they change their mind they can cancel the request by dropping me a PM again.

After they confirmed they have seen my message and still want to go ahead, I post restrict their account and set a reminder for 30 days.

To have this automated would be great as it feels like I’m being threatened half the time as they don’t agree with a post being pulled or haven’t banned x member.

I take the hardline approach in that look, we don’t hold you hostage, I’m also not begging any member to stay.

Automated system would work like this in my mind.

Once they click delete account, show a customisable notice that has a timer where they can’t click submit for 30 seconds or something so notice is read and they are aware of this is irreversible.

Let admins select a cooldown period length, during which disables their account, can’t post, use PM’s. If they attempt to it opens up a would you like to reactivate your account notice.

Allow admins to choose what happens after the cooldown period, to remove all content, assign posts to anonymous or the username but close account.

This would be huge for me personally.

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