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Converting speed experience (just me, or really slow?)

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I am wondering if my conversion speed results into a new IPS 4.5 install are typical or not, and if anything can be optimized to speed up the converting process. I will need to be doing several tests before doing a "live" conversion where I take the old system down, so I am trying to do everything I can to optimize the total process and by far and away the speed of the conversion (specifically of the volume of posts) seems to be the biggest bottleneck.

  • The linux server itself is only hitting about 600 MB of RAM usage (with 15GB+ free),
  • Only a couple CPU cores are at about 25% CPU usage during conversion,
  • I am getting about 800 posts a minute converted, but that comes to a max of only 1.1 million post conversions per 24-hour period.

My expectations were that something like this should only take a couple hours at most. Is it just me, or is this extremely and conspicuously slow?

Can anyone share their experience in terms of conversion times?

Are there any significant IPS settings (Or MySQL, or PHP, etc.) from the default that could be drastically reducing my speed, or any changes from the default that could noticeably speed this up and better utilize my resources?

In my case, the conversion is taking place from a local MySQL 5.7 database from a local copy of a MyBB install (the live being on a whole other server) on Ubuntu 20.04 on a brand new VPS.

My testing plans involve doing a couple test conversions before doing this on the live site, but at these speeds the site would have to be taken down for much, much, longer than I planned.

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