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    • By ReyDev
      VALA Image Hotspots Application
      The Image Hotspot is a creative application that lets you bring life into an image
      This Application allows you to create beautiful and professional hotspots with tooltips and tons of customization options.

      == 1.0.0 ==
      * Released: December 9, 2020
          >> Initial release
    • By count1
      Hi, is there a way to restrict of post editing in certain sections of the forum? Permission setting in the member group settings either gives everything or nothing (where you can tick what to allow to edit like forums, events, etc.). 
      Is this all it is capable of?
    • By NORCODE
      I run a forum on your site which has been inactive for some time. I tried logging in recently and got this error message. How do I get the site secure again? 

    • By Tyron Madlener
      When you edit an image in the editor there is a field named "Image title", but it populates the <img> alt tag instead of the title tag, which doesn't display the image title when you mouse over it in Firefox, and likely every other major browser.
      I think it would be best to set both, the alt and title tag with the image title value.
    • By IPCommerceFan
      IC 4.6.7 / PHP 8 / MySQL 8
      All 3rd party apps/plugins disabled
      Not a fresh install - upgraded from 4.4.10 recently, 3.4.9 before that.
      It seems, perhaps due to something missed in an upgrade routine, the Enabled/Disabled status for Two Factor Authentication handlers is missing. (it had never been used)
      In IPS\core\modules\admin\settings\mfa.php, line 108
      isEnabled() is run on the handler, which checks for the settings:
      The settings have never been populated with a 0 or 1, and are instead null.

      Since they are null, the "Enable/Disable" button doesn't know to appear here:

      My solution to this was to write a plugin which modifies this, at line 108:
      $handler->isEnabled() To:
      $handler->isEnabled() ?? 0 and the buttons appeared, with "Disabled" selected.  
      I proceeded to enable each item, then disable, and disabled the plugin.   This wrote 0's to the setting for each handler:

      Now I can freely enable/disable the MFA handlers without the plugin:

      I'm not sure how this would be worked into a future update, whether by the method I used, or doing something in the upgrader to populate the null settings with 0's, but the issue existed for me so I figured I'd report it!  👍
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