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    • By InvisionHQ
      @Marc Stridgen now here:

    • By Woodsman
      OK I new that phrase would get some attention. But...
      I believe this is a bug.
      No matter what topic I go to the members viewing line shows this statement rather than the actual members.
    • By flashpoint
      Hi there,
      I got a couple of questions for the official gallery plugin
      The sale page says that videos are supported however on the demo version it doesn't look like that you can? Can we actually upload videos and if so what formats are supported? While we are at it what image formats are supported? If I were to use Amazons S3 can the links be disabled from being accessed from outside the forum? My renewal date is coming up next month (for forums, commerce, etc) will I be charged the full amount again for a renewal or will it be a prorated amount?  
      Thanks for your time and help!
    • By PokemonMillennium
      Hi there!
      We recently introduced our custom Achievements and Ranks into our community and I was wondering if there was any way to display a Points earned or Badges earned ranking in the community. I noticed you can do it for points in the ACP by looking at members who are part of a certain rank and then sorting them by points. 
      Also, we can still see in the ACP -> Reputation & Reactions -> Reputation Levels, all levels still show a badge. But with the introduction of the Achievements system, these badges are nowhere to be found in the Community. Any help about this?
      Thank you. 🙂 
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will add the Question and Answer Challenge when a guest tries to create a new topic in your board.
      This plugin will create a cookie with 1 minute of lifetime. After that time, guest will have to answer again to the challenge. Guests will be able to create the topic if you haven't set Questions and Answers (ACP -> Member -> Spam Prevension -> Question and Answer Challenge).
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