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IPS Spam Service - add an additional 'type' at the endpoint?

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In \IPS\Member, there is a function called spamService which has a $type and $emailAddress variable.

This function is called during the account creation/register process, and also during the process of a validating user changing their email address, using the default value of 'register' for the $type, and sends the email address of the new account  

Within the spamService function, the $type is used to construct the endpoint for the request to the spam service:

$response = \IPS\Http\Url::ips( 'spam/' . $type )->request()->login( \IPS\Settings::i()->ipb_reg_number, '' )->post( array(
	'email'	=> $email,
	'ip'	=> $this->ip_address,
) );

This endpoint then becomes https://remoteservices.invisionpower.com/spam/register/, with added query strings and POST content.

I was using this function, with the 'register' $type, in v1.1.0 of my "(NE) Contact Us - check sender email address" application, but was requested to remove it as there may be concerns that this check could skew the spam service results, causing potential issues in the event that a valid 'Contact Us' sender results in being flagged as a spammer when they get to the account creation process.

Could we have an additional $type added (e.g. 'check' instead of 'register') which allows a soft-test of an email address against the spam service, purely to determine if the email address has already been flagged as a spammer by the service? This will allow me to add the now removed functionality back in to the application (assuming that IPS don't add that in themselves)

Ta muchly!

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