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Add a bug-track application on default community

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We know that today it is very essential to have a better control of our products as well as reports of official releases, suggestions and or problem solving.
I would like to suggest to IPS that they consider the possibility of creating their own and standardized application of the system itself so that we can have a better control of our products.

I know that it is possible to create a report tracker using the Pages feature, however many IPS clients do not have extensive knowledge in the development area and this ends up making it difficult for these potential clients to work with their respective projects.

So I would like to suggest to the IPS development team the possibility of bringing us an application 100% dedicated to this.

A report tracker where our customers can send suggestions, bug reports and everything in between.

An application where it would be possible to define the statuses and how they will behave.
Who could use this application (groups) and the like.
Well sorry for the long text the idea is this I hope to have a positive response from the development team.
Thanks in advance.

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