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Apparent use of Facebook cookies at invisioncommunity.com

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I was checking GDPR cookie compliance is still working on one of my sites when I happened to notice this site mentioned. Obviously you use cookies so we can log in etc, no worries I always say yes to necessary cookies, however this site appears to also be trying to install or use Facebook tracking cookies because they are being blocked.



iPadOS Safari is apparently preventing them, but I don't recall any specific consent form mentioning Facebook (or doubleclick.net) tracking.

Is it an oversight with 4.6 beta, or somehow because you use Facebook or Facebook Pixel services for promotional reasons? 

I have no particular objection to basic Google Analytics on this site, I've used Google to log in before now. 

Safari seems to be blocking them regardless so no harm done, however as I don't use Facebook and I've never consented to them tracking me, even though I'm sure my Internet activity makes for fascinating bedtime reading.

I just wondered if it is something that needs looking at?

Many thanks.

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Thanks both.

I know that the IPS wording is different to the default wording and your privacy policy is clear you share data with third parties and advertisers, but I think the current Cookie options could be improved for improved compliance with GDPR. Shouldn't there be a clearer choice making it easier to change consent and/or opt out when first visiting, and so that third party trackers can be removed by providing a Reject button? 


I'm personally glad there is no horrible, obstructive, confusing Privacy Popup supplied with IPS4, you know, the type that has unnecessarily ruined the internet and appears in many cases to have been abused my advertisers and sites to make it difficult or vague to opt out.

When you come across a site with a categorised cookie control that has everything disabled aside from necessary cookies, giving you the choice to opt in and not out, it's a real confidence booster in that site.

Interesting article I was reading yesterday on the BBC News about efforts to sort out the cookie consent mess:

Privacy group targets website 'cookie terror'


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We use the Facebook Pixel, and we use Google analytics, and we occasionally run Google Ad campaigns.

I'll add these to our own cookie page.

Side note: I do wish browsers would just take care of this. They can detect cookies and can easily determine what the cookie is for.

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Thanks Matt. Yes, me too!

I've often thought it's a shame there isn't just one clear browser setting or maybe site you can set and forget once and for all either to opt in or out of cookies, and that's it. Every reputable browser and site would honour your choice all from one convenient place. No more annoying pop ups on every site you visit.

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