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Text on Forums weird after a database re-import

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Recently I had to re-import my database due to some issues on my host machine. After doing the re-import everything seemed fine, then a few days later I've noticed all these weird letters appearing

I've attached some media but it's basically these weird Â's and other weird symbols, I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue as it's made the whole of the forums look strange on older posts. I have tried the 'Something isn't right' option in the admin backend but it didn't fix this issue.




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A common issue is if your database have a different encoding than your website files have.

Check to see what encoding your database is set to and see if it matches the encoding you have for your files.

If it only happens for old content, but not for new ones, then you can try a find and replace in the database.

Here is a blog post about what you are probably facing and some help how to fix it:



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