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Include embedded YouTube videos in search results.

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Problem:  Users are returning to older posts and adding YouTube videos that are against community standards/policies.  This tactic is being used by spammers as well. Currently, you cannot search for, or filter search results by, posts with embedded youtube videos. there is not a current avenue to search for posts with YouTube embed videos in them. Embeds, images, and other media get removed from the search index. I've searched multiple ways for "youtube.com" and "youtu.be", but all I find are posts with LINKS to youtube pages/videos, not post with the videos embedded in them.  Therefore, it's impossible to find these inappropriate and/or spam videos unless a member brings it to our attention.

Solution: Provide a way in advanced search to include embedded media and/or filter search results to include/exclude posts with embedded Youtube videos.  Even better: allow the ability to search for posts that ONLY contain embedded YouTube videos.  Perhaps make this feature available only to admins and moderators (group permissions)?

This would allow us to find and remove spam and inappropriate videos.

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