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Calendar comment section vs Forum

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We have 15-20 events every week, we create drive topic in the forum and add a link to the calendar for RSVP.

We use drive topic purely for discussion related to that event, manage waitlist etc.

If we use Calendar comment section to replace the drive topic in forum, will it overload the calendar system in terms of slowing the nodes or db or from any other resource handling angle....?

Each drive topic receives about 200 replies in a week time. So each calendar event having 200 comments x 80 events/Month = 16,000 comments per month.

Is it too much or nothing for calendar system....?

Is it OK if we scale these numbers by double or triple in the future?

Our server is pretty stable to handle loads but we aren't sure about calendar system at the backend.

Appreciate any feedback on this scenario, please.

Thanks in advance.

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