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Add to Homepage for Mobile Devices

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I can't see this anywhere after searching keywords as I thought it would've come up before.

So, just like Invisions Homepage when visiting it via mobile browser, it offers you the chance to add the Homepage to your mobile phone so it looks just like an app but essentially is just a shortcut/bookmark for your homepage.

I would expect this is to be a brilliant edition for most people as many people browsing on a phone, you wouldn't believe do not know how to create a shortcut to the homepage on their phone and the option that is presented at Invision, just like many other websites is very sleek and gives the member a choice. Certainly helps with the push notifications a lot as it shows the notifications on the homepage 'app' icon on your phone.

Or am I jumping the gun and this is coming inbuilt with 4.6?

Many thanks in advance


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