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Core Web Vitals Problem In WM Tools

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Site : https://www.sigmamaleforum.com

I have started to get core web vitals failures listed in my WM tools console. 

As you can see from the graph below, the number of affected URLs is steadily increasing.

The only mods I have made on the site : added an icon, changed the font and colour of the theme, and removed the superfluos "Forums" labels right at the top of the site.  Oh and changed the site title.  I don't see how that would break the site.

I note others in the community have experienced the same problem and were given advice.

Core web vitals will be a ranking factor in the near future and are set to increase in importance, so I'd really like my site ship shape asap.  

Can any of you give any advice to fix this problem? Is this something each site owner needs to fix, or is there a response form invision themselves?  My forum is barely a month old, and as indicated has very few mods - so getting problems like this already it does not bode well at all.  

I've alreay logged a support call, but want to get this thrashed out asap.  So any response greatly appreciated.


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