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Recurring events and RSVP system changes

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We've noticed something that might've helped somewhat in terms of how people use events.

When you put up a recurring event, you can RSVP on them, like recurring meetings in MS Outlook, or other applications. However, unlike all other Calendar events or appointment type systems, if you can only make a few of the occurrences, you can't just click the ones you can make and Decline the rest. Its either all or nothing. Also, once the first occurrence has been passed, you then can't make any amendments to it anyway.

I currently put up regular weekly events, and sometimes it does help putting them up separately because it pops up as a 'new' event, but ultimately i'd prefer to do it the above way on many occasions and just can't given the way that the functionality works. I'm not sure if this was the expected design as Calendars elsewhere seem to work the opposite way e.g. cancel or decline a single occurrence.

I know the Calendar can be an under-utilised application but there is definite legs in it with finer things being tweaked.

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