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REST API: how to create products and member groups?

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Here's the scenario I'm trying to automate for our forums.

  • We regularly have courses that run overlapped but are separated into different client groups based on the course start dates.
  • Each course start date needs a product and a group and I want to write an API Rest script that would take care of everything for us.

An HTML form creates a DB record of a dated course that needs to be set up in the forums.

A script triggered by cron 1xday iterates through tasks to be completed for each course recorded:



Create member group for a new course if it doesn't exist yet.

REST action: "Create New Group" (endpoint: ??)

Create a product for that course, if it doesn't exist yet.

REST action: "Copy" an existing product and modify information (endpoint: ??)

REST action: Modify information for copied product (endpoint: ??)

REST action: set "Add customer into secondary groups" (endpoint: ??)

REST action: edit "Purchase Notifications" associated with the product (endpoint: ??)

Check if the course begins within the next 24 hrs and, if so, create a Forum for it and provide access to the course's member group.

REST action: create a forum and assign permissions to group (endpoint: [post] /forums/forums)

If there is scheduled content to be posted to the forums, create new topics with the provided content.

REST action: create new posts under a set forum (endpoint: [post] /forums/posts)

If a course has completed + 2wks, delete its forum, its group, and its DB record.

REST action: delete forums and member groups (endpoint: [delete] /forums/forums/{id})


It's the (endpoints: ??) that I'm stuck on. I don't see listings in the API documentation for products at all, or a way to POST /core/groups

  • Is there an endpoint for products (something like /nexus/products) and if so, a way to POST and create a new product?
  • Is is possible to POST to /core/groups and create a new group?
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