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Push notifications - should they disappear when clicked?


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I am not certain if the behavior of mobile push notifications is correct. Every time I get a notification and click to view the content, the notification itself does not disappear (Android). It means the notifications are still there as if I have not yet read the content. I have to go through all notifications and swipe them away one by one. 

The behavior of other notifications (Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) is different. Once I clicked them, they disappear from my notifications stream. This is how I would expect to have IPS notifications as well. 

Additionally, I wish the notification list in IPS would recognize that I have read the content and mark the notification as read.

Right now, if there is a notification, then:

  • I click on it to view it
  • I swipe it away to get rid of
  • I have to open my notification list here to have it marked as read as well.

Three actions to get rid of one notification. 

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