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    • By Mirea Antonio
      After the latest member titles update, the old custom member titles that I've had set up for several people are not removed. I've tried editing / removing the title as a whole but it is still showing up under the member's avatar in posts. 
      I removed the "retained role" and it's still showing up.
      For example, for this member, he used to have the "Forum Manager" custom title. He still has it to this day even though I have edited it, left it blank and even removed it.
      How do I go about resynchronizing everything? 

    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will remove containter name from page title in chosen content items type.
      It doesn't work non Gallery image so it doesn't appear as an option in settings. I may come back to this someday.
    • By count1
      Hi, I noticed that there is no way to edit member title in profile settings. Only you can do that in ACP. 
      Settings are allowing to use custom title. Need you to look into it.
    • By Matt
      Invision Community 4.6 brings a brand new achievements system which overhauls the ranks system along with adding the ability to earn points which translates into a higher rank via rules.
      As part of the clean-up, we removed the custom member title from the author section of the post as there's a limit to how much information we can show comfortably!
      Of course, some communities used custom member titles and wish to continue using them. Fortunately it's easy enough to get them back.

      Step 1: Log into the ACP and navigate to Members > Profiles > Profile Fields
      Step 2: You will see a group called "Retained", inside is a new custom field called "Member Title". This profile field was used in the upgrade to save the custom member title data. Click on the pencil icon to edit.

      Step 3: Post upgrade, this field is effectively switched off, but it can easily be switched back on. For the "Display format for topics" choose custom and just use: {$content} as the value. This will remove the "Member Title:" prefix. Save the changes.

      You will now see the member title has been restored.

       Advanced tip:  Only do this if you are comfortable making theme edits! If it all goes wrong, don't panic. There is a revert button to undo your changes! Edit the template bit Forums > topics > postContainer in your active theme and move the block highlighted here up underneath the {{endif}} of the {{$comment->isAnonymous()}} block.

    • By MadMaxMangos
      I would like to remove an application, please let me know when this has been made into a support ticket as i do not want to post this to the forums. Thanks.
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