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I have searched the community and not found this specific query addressed previously. If I have somehow missed it or if this is better served in a different forum (maybe the feature suggestions sub(?)), my apologies.


Anyhoo... When you, either "Promote" a thread to Twitter or merely drop a link of a thread into a Tweet, the default image provided by the software is thus:



Within the ACP there are settings to set default hashtags as well as a Bitly link compression. Why is there not an option to include a default image(?). I am specifically referring to the clipart typewritten page image on the left hand side of the dividing line. This is not very eye-catching on Twitter. 


What I would like to be able to do is to include an image of my choosing such as the site logo or some such other. Until Invision incorporates this, what should be a standard option in my opinion, is there a template edit or some other way of implementing this workaround so that a desired image displays as the default instead of the supplied clipart?


Thank you for reading.

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4 hours ago, SeNioR- said:

There will be one default image for facebook and twitter


Before, it was taking first topic image and it was better. Now default image and it's not interesting to see same image with different topics on social accounts. We're loosing the hits. .

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