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Subscriptions conundrum after upgrade to 4.5

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I may open a ticket but maybe it's just a settings thing.

Last week I upgraded from 4.4 to 4.5.

I don't have any form of recurring subscription (and all payment methods bar crypto are manual), so it's always been the case that users have been able to pay within the period the invoice is pending, or when expired they've always been able to buy another subscription whether for the same type/duration or another one.

I didn't change any subscriptions settings but now users face a brand new problem. If they were on a subscription plan. Then when their subscription expires, they can only renew that subscription plan.

Is that how it's meant to work? It can't seriously be. Their subscription expired, so they should be able to buy the same type/duration or any other.

This is what they find:



In my Subscription plans I have this setting on:



Should I have the upgrade/downgrade setting on? or is that only to change while your subscription is active? (Somehow that's what I've always believed and always had it off).


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Yeah, the concept of “expirations” in Commerce is seriously flawed in general and doesn’t work as one would expect. You are stilled locked into that product even after the expiration, which leads to all sorts of problems, both for the newer subscription system as well as the product subscriptions in Commerce. If you use the search function, you can find many complaints about it. 

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So, the only way to "unlink" a member from a type of subscription he bought at some earlier stage is to create a new subscription for him/her? (From the ACP?)

I don't understand why this changed from 4.4 to 4.5, because until I upgraded last week I never had this problem.

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