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Syntax highlighting default in code blocks


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By default, the syntax highlighting in code blocks is set to HTML. This may be OK for the majority of forums, but if a forum is a special interest group for a different code language, users must set the value every time they use a code block. Is there a way to change the default to something other than HTML, even if it's "No Syntax Highlighting"?

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So I found the template file for the code block modal in Core>global>editor>code:

<div class="ipsPad ipsForm ipsForm_vertical" data-controller='core.global.editor.code' data-editorid='{$editorId}' data-randomstring='{$randomString}'>
	<form method='get' action='#'>
		<div class="ipsPad ipsAreaBackground_light">
			<div class="ipsFieldRow ipsFieldRow_fullWidth ipsFieldRow_primary ipsLoading" data-role="codeContainer">
				<textarea id='elCodeInput{$randomString}'>{$val}</textarea>
			<div class='ipsFieldRow'>
				<button type='submit' class="ipsButton ipsButton_primary cEditorURLButton cEditorURLButtonInsert" data-action="linkButton">{lang="editor_media_insert"}</button>
				<div class="ipsPos_right">
					<select id='elCodeMode{$randomString}' data-role="codeModeSelect" data-codeLanguage="{$language}">
						<option value="null">{lang="editor_code_null"}</option>
						<option value="htmlmixed" {{if $language == 'html' OR $language == 'htmlmixed'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_htmlmixed"}</option>
						<option value="css" {{if $language == 'css'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_css"}</option>
						<option value="javascript" {{if $language == 'javascript'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_javascript"}</option>
						<option value="php" {{if $language == 'php'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_php"}</option>
						<option value="sql" {{if $language == 'sql'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_sql"}</option>
						<option value="xml" {{if $language == 'xml'}}selected{{endif}}>{lang="editor_code_xml"}</option>

Would the solution be as simple as changing the null option to be "selected"?


Editing this template makes no difference to the drop-down and the options must be coming from elsewhere? This would make sense because the options on the actual drop-down don't match those shown in the template:


Edited by cfish
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