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Database size increase after upgrade

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Hi All, I just upgraded my community from 4.4.10 to 4.5.2.

The upgrade went smoothly and the forum is looking good. However, as usual, I made a database backup via cPanel before the upgrade and have just done so again after the upgrade. It seems as though the latest version of IC uses a great deal more space:

4.4.10 = 265MB gzipped

4.5.2 = 882MB gzipped

I'm amazed at the difference - the new vesrion takes well over three times the space! Does this seem normal, or am I missing something?

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One week after the upgrade, the database is back to an expected size. I suspect that the Cron Job needed time to do it's work and keep the database optimised. The upgraded database is only slightly larger than the previous version:

4.5.2 = 275MB gzipped

Hopefully this update will help anyone worried by massively inflated databases after upgrading.

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