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    • By Optimvs
      Hi, I'm adding some text in pages and I cant adjust the advanced options and css for WYSIWYG Editor, so this content is showd with general page background. This is an issue or only can edit this advanced settings by css code editing the template? I add some pics to view this advanced menu in 2 editors.
      Thanks a lot.

    • By Optimvs
      Hi @Marc Stridgen again, I record a video to illustrate this diferencies the WYSIWYG block looks diferent by default in one or more columns, in horizontal cointainers and sidebar. So some issues are about this block. 
    • By ReyDev
      This app allows you to add product reviews everywhere you want as a widget and show product reviews by Random or Specific Product(s) as a Slideshow(carousel), using tons of customization options. let's take a look at the options.

      ACP settings:
      Main Settings Show Author Photo Show Author Name Show Profile CardView in Hover Show Review Date Show Review Rate Show Review Number of Comment Lines Show Product Title Enable Product Link Carousel Settings Item Height Margin Between Items Enable Navbar Enable Loop Lazy load Enable Autoplay Autoplay Timeout Enable Pause on Hover Comment Box Style Enable Border Enable Border Radius Enable Shadow Widget Settings
      Widget Title Specify Group to View Data Type ( Random | Specific Products ) Number of Comments Sort By Specify Minimum Rate Level Custom Main Settings -> Ability to customize all ACP main setting for every widget (see screenshots) Custom Carosel Settings -> Ability to customize all ACP carousel settings for every widget (see screenshots) Custom Colors -> By default, this widget uses theme colors, but you can change all colors by enabling this option. Review Card background color Author font color Date font color Rating On color Rating Off color Comment font color Product font color  
      This plugin does not change the IPS default product reviews style. You need IPS Commerce app.
    • By dunoman77
      Issue has come up that the editor is not even loading for users, 

      Any idea of the issue related to this, works fine for me. Not for others.

    • By Ocean West
      I could have sworn at some time I was able to pick that from the side bar in any other app - am I mis-remembering? 
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