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Add editor backend review (WYSIWYG code review)

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Please excuse the unusual title. I am attempting to word this so even someone who is computer illiterate could understand my suggestion to see if my suggestion is a shared interest. 


In the old days of BBcode, you could press a button (within the editor) that allowed you to review the underline code used to format the display. My suggestion is not that we go back to BBcode but merely add the functionality to precisely review how the layout is formatted (as an option).


The attached screenshot is another development which I will NOT be named as it would be rude and inconsiderate to promote a different development on Invision's support forum. And while it may seem cliche to say, 'can we do something that one of your competitors is doing?' I only mean to demonstrate this to clarify precisely what I am suggesting by presenting a working visual demonstration. 


The editor processes HTML just like Invision's editor. The only difference and what I would propose to be added in a future release, if possible, is the functionality to switch between the display editor and the raw code (as demonstrated in this screenshot). 


Is this something we could possibly consider? Thank you for your time and consideration. 😀


Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 13-08-18 Create Thread - Test - WoltLab®.png

Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 13-08-47 Create Thread - Test - WoltLab®.png

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1 minute ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Unless I'm missing something here...just enable your group's "Can post HTML" setting, and then click the resulting 'Source' button in the Editor:


I do not see the "source" button here on the support forum, and I presume it is a permission setting for good reason. The development I am comparing against has this function by default for everyone (safely). Is this something that can not be implemented here too?


Screenshot 2021-04-23 at 13-34-13 Add editor backend review (WYSIWYG code review).png

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3 hours ago, Rikki said:

Important note: Don't enable this setting for any untrusted groups (e.g. regular users).

So I was right to assume the current implication was not safe?

Then my feature request is valid. I would like to have this option in a manner that was safe.

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If someone untrusted has access to the source in the editor he can replace CSS or inject malicious JS code. There are many possibilities.

For example, one of the moderators, having access to the source code, hid some elements through CSS using a signature. The problem is that he hid these elements for all users.

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