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Recovering some functionality from previous versions


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I found this suggestions area. I'm not sure if existed before but I've just noticed it.

I simply quote myself from a previous thread, as I've been requesting these things since the beginning of IPS 4.


On 1/10/2018 at 9:56 PM, PPlanet said:

As a new big version of IPS approaches, I dare to ask again if we can expect any news about the two things I included in the opening post:


1) Capability of searching custom fields. (Including 3rd party apps custom fields)

2) Capability for admins to exclude any subforums from activity feeds (and I don't mean forum users being able to tailor their custom feeds)


Regarding point #2, I appreciate that having something that at least includes subforums is better than nothing. However, trying to manage a forum with 100s or 1000s subforums (like in my case) without an "exclude" option just doesn't make sense (particularly when you need to exclude just one or two)

To add salt to the injury, when the include method only works by clicking one forum at the time in order to select, it becomes much worse.

It would be great to have something like this (which is from a 3rd party plugin).



To the above, I add the request of tickable boxes (or any way to select multiple topics) to move them at once following a search. At present you can't move topics delivered by a search. You need to open the topic and move it.

Last, it would be very handy to have Pages (and other apps) widgets that show items in a random order (I understand this is possible but at present it takes a big toll on performance, or so I've been told). Let's say you have a directory, and nobody would want to pay for being at the bottom of the list all the time if his/her name starts with "Z".

The first three things I suggest above were present in IPB 3 but despite some talks on the forums, they've never been reintegrated. Cheers.

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12 hours ago, Jordan Invision said:



I do like the concept of excluding. There are certain instances where I've wanted to exclude things. I'm curious - 1000s of subforums? Literally? How does that function? Not being shady btw I'm genuinely curious. 

Over 2500 by now to be exact. :)

Well, it's review forum (reviews of certain services), set up well before IPS released their own reviews, so it works with a third party app. So, once a service provider receives an x number of reviews gets their own folder (subforum) with contact details, etc. If they advertise on our site, those reviews are accessible to everyone, even guests. For the rest of reviews, they can be accessed by paying a cheap subscription (or posting x number of reviews over a period of time).

On one hand I admit that the idea is crazy from a logistical point of view and I know it puzzles IPS tech support every time they need to deal with an issue. On the other hand it has contributed to the commercial success of the site, and its survival as well.

So, one day I may restructure and simplify the whole thing, but it's easier said than done.

From the admin practical side of things, IPB 3's interface was much more helpful to deal with that amount of subforums. From a performance pov though, IPS 4 has been much better, light years better. In reality my site is not too different to this one when it comes to speed these days.

The only problem was introduced by 4.4, as any forum created or edited after that upgrade can't be found using the Ajax search in the ACP. They can be found any other ways though. As I'm not creating/editing forums everyday, it's just a small annoyance. Not sure if IPS hardcoded a limit from 4.4 onwards, but as I said I get around the problem.

But you don't need to have 1000s of subforums, imagine you have 80 or so, then including rather than excluding becomes a pain too. While for whoever has just from 6 to 8 subforums for example, including or excluding becomes practically the same. So, that's why I think that excluding is much better than including as a default.

That third party app I screenshot above (which is not for streams but for something else) has the capability of switching between including or excluding, so it gives you the best of both worlds. But if only one is possible for IPS, I repeat that excluding would be much more helpful in general terms.

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