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Custom stream specifics are too much & unneeded. Hideable?


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Back in 4.4 days I made this topic and @All Astronauts made a fine plugin to handle this. Today I'm working on a clients' forum and I bump into this inconvenience again.

Please read more about it here:

Since the EXPAND POST feature is now available with QUOTES and whatnot I strongly suggest that you make this work in new content stream page. My client also has tens and tens of forums and if you make a custom stream you get many lines of USELESS text where posts are shown from. This either needs to be truncated or made into a popup window which then load up all the forums if clicked.

@Jordan Invision buddy, I hope you deliver this feature and it makes its debut at 4.6 🙂

@Matt tagging you for obvious reasons too 🙂

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