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Gallery category scroll bug with pagination and lightbox.

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Hey all, 

Our forums are experiencing a problem on gallery categories that have more than one page of albums posted. 

The issue...

When on a gallery category page with more than one page of results, if a lightbox is activated and a next/back button is pressed within the lightbox, after the lightbox is dismissed scrolling up and down the webpage is not possible. 

To reproduce...

  1. Have a gallery category with enough albums posted that there is a second page available.
  2. Visit the the category in (1) (/gallery/category/99-some-album). 
  3. Click on an album's image that is not the first image in the album. This will display a lightbox with the image within. 
  4. Click next or back within the lightbox.
  5. Click the 'x' within the black circle to the top right to dismiss the lightbox. 
  6. Attempt to scroll.

While attempting to debug this I've disabled all plugins and themes and the issue still persists. This issue can be experienced on version 4.3 and 4.5. 

What I think is happening...

The pagination's use of the History API is conflicting with the lightbox's usage. To see a trace of both the pagination and lightbox's use of the History API I've wrote a tiny bit of JavaScript that may be useful to run on the webpage before performing step (4) above. Within the second trace printed to the console is where I believe the issue lies. 

window.History = new Proxy(window.History, {
    get: function(hist, prop, receiver) {
        var val = hist[prop];
        if (typeof val !== 'function') {
            return val;
        return function() {
            if (arguments.length > 0) {
                console.trace({func: prop, args: arguments });
            return val.apply(this, arguments);

Thank you for your time. 


As a workaround the lightbox from (3) above can be disabled by removing the `data-imageLightbox` HTML attribute present from within the `albums` template file of the active theme. 

Edited by Brian Beck
Adding potential workaround information.
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