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Paid Application Development Opportunity

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Hello, I have a Star Wars themed forum-based game that needs a developer. Our game and application used to reside on IPB 1.3 for many years and we have updated to IPS 4.5 and need someone to convert the game application (we have all of the code for reference) onto the IPS 4.5 platform.  It's quite in-depth, so I am happy to discuss all of the details in private, as it is difficult to put it all on one post.  It is a Star Wars themed game that allows players to control a planet within the SW universe.  Essentially, we utilize the database and individual pages to craft planet/military unit/organization entities that interact with each other for the player to utilize in a roleplaying setting on the forums.  As mentioned - I have all of the previous code that is available to reference, as well as a plethora of screenshots of the old game application, and "mockups" of what we want developed.  About 30% of the application is finished, mostly on the ACP side with the modules/controllers that allow us to create/edit/delete the various game entities. Our current developer had to step away from work due to a family emergency.  

If anyone is interested in discussing the project further, I am available on Discord to explain it in-depth and provide further information and details to come up with a fair price for the development. 

A bit of further info.  The database stores data for planets, military units, and organizations.  I want these entities to have pages that display this data on the forum - and lists that allow you to browse the entities before viewing the individual page.  Additionally, we need a sort of ticket system created to handle player interaction with game moderators.  I have added some screenshots below to show some dummy mockups of what we want for how to display the lists of entities, and the individual pages. Our list-view, essentially would use a lot of the same styling used on the IPS leaderboard page.




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I have uploaded a more in-depth explanation of what we want to get built. Be aware, most of the ACP function to create/edit/delete the game elements is already completed and functioning. Most of everything we need is on the front-end and building pages to display the data, with the exception of the ticket system we want built. 


Development Project.docx

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