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For example copy file from forums app:

 * Friendly URL Structure
 * For each value in the $furl array:
 *	The key should be the "SEO Template" - an identifier which you'll use when displaying a URL.
 *	The value should be an associative array with two or three elements: 'friendly' and 'real', and optionally 'verify':
 *		'friendly'
 *			The friendly URL to use - encase variables in {curly braces} containing a symbol, followed by the name of the parameter that matches in the "real" URL
 *			The symbol should be # for numbers or @ for strings
 *			For example, if the "real" URL contains id=XXX, where XXX is a number, you should include {#id} somewhere in the friendly URL.
 *			You can also use the tag {?} for the "SEO Title" (that is, any variables that shouldn't be part of the real URL, such as the name of the topipc being viewed).
 *			If you want to support more than one SEO Title, you can give them zero-indexed keys like so: {?0} {?1} {?2}
 *		'real'
 *			This should be the base of the real URL. You should not include parameters which will be parsed out from the friendly URL.
 *      'verify'
 *          This should be the name of a class that contains a loadFromUrl() and an url() method.  The dynamic URL (i.e. app=core&...) will be passed to loadFromUrl(), and the url()
 *          method will subsequently be called to retrieve the correct URL, ideal with ActiveRecord pattern classes.
 * IMPORTANT: Ensure values are listed with the most specific ones first. This is to ensure that non-FURL redirects are done correctly. For example, if you have these FURLs:
 *	/index.php?app=myapp&module=mymodule&controller=mycontroller&do=myaction	->	/myfolder/myaction
 *	/index.php?app=myapp&module=mymodule&controller=mycontroller				->	/myfolder
 * They must be provided in that order, otherwise the former will redirec to /myfolder/?do=myaction rather than /myfolder/myaction
	"topLevel": "forums",
	"pages": {
	    "forums_rss": {
		    "friendly": "forum/{#id}-{?}.xml",
		    "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&rss=1"
	    "forums_forum": {
		    "friendly": "forum/{#id}-{?}",
		    "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums",
		    "verify": "\\IPS\\forums\\Forum",
		    "seoPagination": true
	    "forums_clubs": {
		    "friendly": "forum/clubs",
		    "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=clubs"
	    "topic_copy": {
	        "friendly": "topic/{#id}-{?}/copy",
	        "real": "app=cms&module=database&controller=topic"
	    "forums_topic": {
		    "friendly": "topic/{#id}-{?}",
		    "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic",
		    "verify": "\\IPS\\forums\\Topic",
		    "seoPagination": true
	    "forums": {
	        "friendly": "",
	        "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=index"
		"topic_create": {
		  "friendly": "submit",
		  "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=createMenu"
		"topic_non_forum_add_button": {
		  "friendly": "startTopic",
		  "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&do=add"


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