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    • By Fast Lane!
      Seems just like the mobile site.  Just worse. At least on Android it seems to have tons of bugs too. 
      I'm sure a lot of hard work has gone into it, but what's the point of the app versus the mobile website experience?  It seems to be basically the same things but now with what I assume will be rigid formatting (skin) experience that doesn't allow any customization. This makes many of our sites incomplete on the app.  It also precludes other non IPB areas of our site which does who knows what to our usage. 
      With no ability to monetize effectively (this is a business for me... ad revenue matters) and perhaps a negative effect to website traffic and SEO/rankings as a result, I for one will stick with the current responsive design and disable access to the app. 
      My two cents. I'm truly not trying to rain on anyone's parade.  It just doesn't work for me. 
    • By Darth Vortex
      Mobile first! This is not only Google's motto, more and more people are online with their smartphones these days. Therefore, it is very important to have a fast and easy navigation on your pages especially in the mobile view.
      Nothing is more annoying than having to open a sidebar first and then navigate to sub-items to get to where you want to look up something quickly.
      And that's where this plugin comes in. You can configure up to 10 buttons with whatever you want, they are always and everywhere visible at the bottom of your pages, there is no need to scroll down. Also the appearance can be easily adapted to your design.
      Among other things, you can set ...
      Color and size of the icons, which can be selected individually from Font Awesome. Optionally display a text below the icons (also with color of your choice). Background color of the menu including transparency effect if desired. Even a choice of themes in which the menu should be displayed is possible. The now superfluous IPS navigation below the header can be hidden if desired. What URLs you assign to the buttons is up to you. Instead of board functions, you can also create quicklinks for your social media sites or Discord servers.
      There are also two small settings for fine-tuning if you use more complex themes or footers. The only thing that seems to be missing is a visible copyright 
      You can see it live in action on our site. So what else is there to think about, your users will thank you for it 
    • By Hisashi
      If I translate a specific application, how can I download only this translation?
      Without having to download all the translations from the community through the following button
    • By Optimvs
      I've some differencies in my desktop menu vs mobile menu. The firstdropdown item hasn't any item inside, in desktop is showed ok, but in mobile version show the 2 subcategories inside the second dropdown menu. Copy this 2 menu itms at the first category. There is an issue? Thanks.

    • By stu_m
      Does anyone else have an issue where if you quote someone using a mobile device then try and delete the quote its pretty much impossible to delete it from the editor? 
      I can delete the text within the quote but not the quote box! 
      This is happening in Chrome and on my forum as well as this one 
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