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(TPOM) Top Posters of the Month - Idea WIth leaderboard

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Just thinking on ways to engage with members and the top poster of the month is a good way to get members to get active and at each month the top three people who have the most content in that month get to win prizes and also have accounts options to well whatever.

Now I do remember that there was a plugin for this some time ago but rather looking at using the leaderboard and have use for it.  Why not add a tab to the leaderboard of people countless content/posts that they do for every single month (every 30 days) that resets at the start of the first day of each month and tells you the people/members in order at the end of the month 🙂 than new month starts and people start again for that month, and on that note, it keeps records for all months to years.

Like how what the leaderboard does now but rather than likes have it with content as well 🙂 so we have TPOM and more use for the leaderboard.

Tthe leaderboard is great but who does use it anyway LOL


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