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Upload by URL only - Addon? Plugin?

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I'm teaming up with another site (uses a different system) and we would like for our users to be able to submit their files to the download section via URL only. Is there anything out there that would allow the file submitter to able to submit only a URL (no physical file upload, but screenshots and custom fields would still be used) to the download file hosted on another site for a specific category? 

Is this possible already, and I'm missing the options? Or are there any addons that would allow this?

Also, I'm not a programmer so simple template edits are befuddling to me right now... 
Is there a way to move the Upload Rules/Terms to the top as #1 instead of the bottom at #4? 


This seems like it may be a simple template edit, but I've messed my template up several times trying to do it already.


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