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There is only one setting for status updates notification that contain the status you started, and the status you replied to it. This status update notification must be divided into two different settings. One for the status you started, and the second one for the status you replied to because it's really annoying sometimes whenever you reply to someone status. Then you receive at least 100 notifications on big comminutes or sometimes more than a 100.

Live example:

Today is @Jordan Invision birthday. "Happy birthday again mate" 

@Jordan Invision decided to create a status update "It's my birthday". It's important to him to receive a notification who replied to his status update, yet if 100 members replied, it's not important to them to receive the 100 notifications. 


Status Updates & Profile Comments
These notifications will be sent whenever someone posts on your profile or replies to a status update that you posted, is on your profile, or that you replied to.

I hope you guys listen, and make this happen in 4.6 releases.

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