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    • By My Sharona
      Is there a file somewhere of the icons used for the badges?
      Also, for the default "Ranks" icon?
    • By INDIG0
      Hi, can you please tell me why some applications lack icons? Instead, there is an empty space. This is not only with this application, for which there is no icon now, but in others as well.

    • By A Zayed
      This is the official support topic for notification icons plugin, also if you have any inquiries before purchasing, please post here.
    • By A Zayed
      Notification Icons from @A Zayed
      A simple plugin to place an icon representing notification item inside inline notification page and top notification ajaxed box.
      The plugin comes with full customization for the used icons and their backgrounds,
      It supports all notification types related to Content types & Member related notifications as following:
      New Content in Followed Area Content Requiring Approval New Comment/Review Warnings/Reports Automatic Moderation Mentions/Quotes Reactions Following Members Notifications Profile Comments/Replies Posting New Statuses for Followed Members Default Icon for any Custom Notification
      Important notes after installation:
      Some communities may require caches clear in order to display the icons normally. To choose the icon, you've to use fontawsome version 4.7 HERE Hope you enjoy it.
    • By Everade
      There's currently no option to set icons being maskable or not.
      And IPB, by default doesn't set the maskable attribute.

      Google Lighthouse Audit as such doesn't rate the PWA setup as optimized.

      Would be great to either set it by default in the manifest file, or add an option for us to set the maskable attritbute ourselfs.

      Of course, this isn't just about Google Lighthouse Rating improvement, but it also allows us to mask the icon 😉
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