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    • By Everade
      This is what scrolling topics with images in IPB looks like:
      (Tested with 1gbit/s internet connection <10ms latency)

      Why is this bad?
      Text + Images + Scrolling = Forum
      And this affects 3/3 of your product. (quickmath 😛)
      What i'm trying to say is that, new features are cool, we love them.
      But don't forget your roots, they need some love too.

      Reason for the scrolling/loading issues:
      IPB preloads the spacer.png file instead of the actual image, then it goes for the image itself.

      This blocks all content from being rendered, because that's how browsers handle it, which results in a truly awful scrolling experience.
      It's normal for community members to sometimes come up with a great piece of topic or post, which consists of many images to make it look nice and clean.
      So it's not uncommon, i see this problem on my board all the time.
      Todays browsers all feature native lazy loading.
      Spacers' death shall be imminent. 
    • By Gabriel Torres
      In the email template "Reported content notification", the following part:
      {$email->language->addToStack("go_to_this_x", FALSE, array( 'sprintf' => array( mb_strtolower( $email->language->addToStack( $report::$title, FALSE ) ) ) ) )} Should be replaced with:
      {$email->language->addToStack("go_to_the_report", FALSE)} Explanation:
      With the default code, the button "Go to this report" that is present in the email is created based on the go_to_this_x language string. While in English this works fine, in other languages it creates two issues:
      1. "this" can be either a male or a female word, depending on the noun. So we end up with a gender mismatch in this particular case.
      2. In English, the word "Report" can be either a noun or a verb. However, in other languages, the noun and the verb corresponding to "report" may be different.
      In summary, in Portuguese, we end up with "Ir a este Denunciar", while the correct form would be "Ir à esta denúncia".
      The fix is very simple, however, as the platform already have this phrase in its correct form as go_to_the_report.
      So simply replacing one key by the other solves the issue.
      Thanks! 🙂
    • By 403 - Forbiddeen
      Hello, i have a small error with my board. This happen after i updated to 4.6.x
      When i click in menu to return to forum, i'm redirect to a 'cached' page. How i can avoid this?

      1. First - normal page (with full information on head etc).
      2. Second: cached page without a lot of information.
    • By LiquidFractal
      Could you please fix the option to sort the Member list bu Group in the adminCP?
      Short version: it doesn't work.
      Long version: at present it doesn't even group different member groups together - I have one "Client" listed 2 pages down from other Clients, and there is nothing even remotely resembling alphabetical order.
    • By SecondSight
      Hello, 🙂
      Is there a solution to the excessively long sidebar problem in the ACP now ? If not, when will you fix it ?
      Using a listbox instead of a table should make it...
      Thank you. 🙂
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