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Resources from the TheJackal84 (https://flashmodding.com/)

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As some of you may already know, I'm supporting  @TheJackal84's file since March, 19. We started to talk about this deal on Feb, 21. So in this regard, I would like to state publicity that I am not getting the expected return/attention from TheJackal84, which has not:

  • given me the list of purchasers of the resources in his website. So what it has to do you with you? I'm not able to add a purchase here on IPS so you can keep downloading updates, if you purchased it there. Why I can't? Because I can't simply trust in words from everyone that requests files. I need to make sure you purchased and when they will expire. Just checked his website and his community doesn't exists anymore: https://flashmodding.com/. If it was there yet you would just need to take a screenshot from the Manage Purchases page. So you can still prove your purchase by sending a PM with the PayPal purchase, etc. In sign of good faith, I will add a full year of support to the proven resources, without take the renewal date in consideration.
  • provided the XML from the plugins, which we can't download from the new marketplace (4.5), so there's no way for me to support these resources now. I will try to get them with IPS (I will speak directly to Lindy).

I would also like to inform you that there are other pending issues that are not relevant for this matter but they definitely exists.

Thank you.

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Just a closure on this.


He left all conversations we had and apparently sold the account to someone else, not honoring 4 out of 5 items of our deal. The only one that worked was the files transfer to my account because it didn’t depend on him; it was done by IPS. He even sold some files twice (to me and to another developer), who only got the money back via PayPal dispute!

So that’s it, if you purchased the resource on his site and you can’t prove it somehow (credit card or PayPal transaction), you will have to purchase it again on IPS, just in case you want to get updates.

I will request to lock this topic. 

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