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abandoned cart tracking

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Hello everyone,

Is there a plugin that will let us control abandoned carts? This is something very important that IPS does not have as a built-in functionality.

I found a plugin┬á called E-CommercePlus that does what I need but sadly, Spanner, its developer passed away recently ­čś×┬áRest in peace!

The plugin recovrs abandoned carts and recaptures lost business with a set of automated emailed that prompt clients to pay for outstanding product.

The plugin supports 4.5 but since the developer will never be able to update the it any more, I was wondering if someone else hsa the intention to do something like that. Maybe @HeadStand could add an extra module to its Newsletter application or @rebraf to its email campaign application.

Thanks a lot!




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I don't think this could be rolled into my application, I think effectively the author's work would need to be recreated. Products added to a cart are stored in a user's session and so become unavailable to track (without custom code to do so) as soon as that user's session ends.

I could at some point look into recreating some of the more useful features of the linked plugin though since the author is no longer around (RIP) if there's interest.

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