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help, all posts gone after cache clear

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After I cleared the cache in the acp I got on all forum topics the message

Sorry, there is a problem

The page you requested does not exist

Error code: 1S160/2

Pages content is still there. In the forum view the topics are all showing and no error or system log entry. In the database the post content is still existing.

Any idea? Thanks.

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1 hour ago, Miss_B said:

Can you post the url to your forum?

Sent you pm because adult relatetd. Thank you.

After some testing, following occurs:

page not exist error shows when trying to access user profile, forum category or topics or blogs.

Gallery works, pages content works and the search works.

I disabled all plugins and applications, created new default style, cached several times....

I'm out of ideas now.

The last things I've done before all f**** up was:


I haven't installed anything new or done any other changes.

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Ok, possibly my hoster upgraded today to php 7.3 and I'm still running IPB 4.3.6 but I'm not 100 % sure about this. Need to wait for an answer from them. 

 If this was the reason for the errors, is there a way to upgrade some files to get it fixed? Thanks.

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26 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

This is a topic from a long time ago. The issue you are likely having, is very likely bugs. You appear to be on a very old release there

Yes, we are on version 4.6.10

We are just preparing the switch to the latest version ... But as it is a big site, we always do tests before changing version. Our tests are done on a server strictly identical to the production server (it is a mirror server updated every day). On this server we have a copy of the production site (so it's a test site with the "test site" license).

On the test site it is impossible to do the update, because the update process apparently makes a cache cleaning ... after which it is not possible to do anything.

Since yesterday, after some investigations, it seems that the problem comes from the "Friendly URLS" (if I totally deactivate the friendly URLS the site works correctly, even after emptying the cache, but then impossible to reactivate the "Friendly URLS" : the 1S160/2 error reappears).

As long as this problem persists on the test site, I can't consider trying to update the site in production 😞 , so I'm looking to see if this problem is known and if there is a solution before generating a support ticket.

Thank you for your help.






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