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Community logo and advertising banner are blurred

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I’m writing ‘cause I have a problem with images’ quality on my platform. 

If I upload, for example, a 300x150 adv banner for the sidebar, you can see it clear on non-retina desktops but blurred on the retina desktops. 

If I try and upload a 2x version of it, so a 600x300 banner for the same sidebar, you can see it clear on retina desktops but blurred on the non-retina ones. 

Same happens with the community main logo.

Is there a way to upload both the versions and ask the system to display the right one based on the device that’s being used to navigate the platform? 


I feel like it’s impossible that I can’t have a high quality result on both retina and non-retina displays… There must be a solution! 

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