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Commerce/Nexus Reviews Bypass

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IPS Commerce/Nexus has the option for individual items to be reviewed. In order to leave a review a person has to purchase that item. I understand why IPS did this, obviously you don't want people reviewing something they did not purchase, makes sense.

What I'm requesting, is a plugin, that will bypass or disable the if purchased check, to let anyone leave a review on an item. But still maintains the if user logged in check, i.e. don't want guests to leave reviews. (Looking at a budget of 15 USD, Adriano Faira asked me to include this as he was charging 75 USD)

Why is that important? Well let's say in your store you have items that people could have purchased elsewhere i.e. a venue, a convention, by mailorder direct, etc... Or let's say you were using a different website software and people previously purchased an item from you, and you upgraded to IPS, rather than forcing people to repurchase something a second time to leave a review, this will allow them to make the review without the purchase.


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I decided to do it myself, now mind you this is by no means an actual plugin or proper in IPS coding guidelines, it's a dirty method but it gets the job done if anyone's interested. And free! but use at your own risk.

The product must have reviews enabled, this is set no by default to make sure to check green.



You'll want to navigate in your FTP and find the file


In the function canReview, the third if statement in this function you'll want to change to TRUE.


And that does it, this is an all or nothing deal and not configurable per item like CoffeeCake suggested.

But will allow all logged in users to leave 1 review each regardless if they have purchased the item or not, and if the item allows reviews.

That's it!

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