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So I have a ton of blocks and well I'm starting to lose control of them and figured it may be a good idea to request some feature enhancements for it so that I can both clean up my blocks and also use them more efficiently.

let's do this alan tudyk GIF by Comic-Con HQ

Of course there is categorizing which is great but sometimes I mis-categorize some of my blocks. This is a particular pain point when you have to look for it on the front end. The enhancements on the front end I'd like are:

  • Categories collapsed by default when you open the edit bit, this way I don't have to scroll through my massive list of blocks or manually close them until the right category comes up.
  • Ability to search the list like you can search in the ACP, just a quick like "block title" search that filters out any blocks that don't have that title. It would just make life so much easier.

Next! I don't know which of my blocks are in circulation and where so trying to clean up, organize and get rid of unused blocks is a nightmare. Right now I see a list of blocks with the code and that's it and since I use a lot of Plugins the title could be repeated. The enhancements I'd like for this:

  • At minimum I want a count of how many locations that a block is located on the manage screen.
  • Bonus points if you can click on that number and see the locations like: Forums > Index, Page > Test, Gallery > Albums, Gallery > Categories 
    The physical location doesn't matter (As in sidebar, header or footer) to me as much as the page it exists on.
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Some are from pre 4.0 but I don’t remember which knowing where they are located you can tidy up etc. especially if you want to replace a block with a new design. This would make sure you don’t miss them.

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