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Idea: per-group color for "highlight replies"

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I think the "highlight posts" is an EXTREMELY useful feature on multiple levels. 
Firstly, it draws users' gaze to where you want it.
It allows you to give different groups' posts more "gravitas" so to speak, making these posts more easily accepted as "legit". 
Lastly (from what I can think of), it can be used as a monetization tool to get people to "pay for cosmetics" and be more unique, just like in MMOs. 

BUTT (LOL), the fact we can only set one color per theme across all the groups who get this is kind of a downer, because it forces me to weigh very carefully to whom do I activate this feature so that the highlighted posts don't just become like banner ads and just disappear. Moreover, all these groups are important, but they aren't all important in the same way (notice how I didn't say "amount" 😄).

I'd suggest adding a collapsible area in the groups settings (like we have with the "Can edit own content" customise button . as seen in screenshot 1 and 2) where when you enable the "highlight replies" toggle, it opens up a few new lines with the names of the themes you have installed, and you can edit that group's highlight color from right there ('mockup1'). at the same time, something parallel can be added to the theme "front-end colors" tab, where we'll have multiple lines of "Highlighted Post Border" and "Highlighted Post Background" with the groups names attached to each ('Mockup2'). Note that on both mockups I intentionally used unrealistically long theme/groups names in order to show this shouldn't be an issue.  

As a side note - I honestly think we can get rid of "Highlighted Post Border" altogether since it's being swallowed by the larger area of the "background" color and isn't really adding much. Yes, I know that if you have 5-6-7-15 groups who get their replies highlighted it can amount to quite a bit of extra lines to scroll through in the theme settings, but I think it's well worth it. 

What do you guys (and girls) think?

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Mockup 1

Mockup 2

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Meh. I do this already on a larger scale.






I DO! However, think that a group specific flag should be on each post. Like I do to attain this so you can theme it without editing the template itself.

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41 minutes ago, Pavel Chernitsky said:

It is a lot larger scale, I was thinking of something more subtle. I'll get literally torched with actual fire by our members if I do anything even remotely as colorful and full of shapes as this 😂

And it works on dark and light themes. Me and my members are just a colorful bunch. I'm sure I blind @Rikki every time he see's my site though.

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