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Testing system and application emails, preferred way?

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The email templates are such a gem resource for reaching out to members. Their styling though, not so much - at least with default styling.

We've been experimenting with template designs, but the trial and error method is brutal.

Trying to figure out where the information will land within the design takes soooooooo long.
Lots of tweak, save, trigger the mail from whatever application (like events), then review, and repeat.

Is there a better way to test and view all the emails and templates within the system?


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I mean its HTML. Save for the Template bits that are replaced in the sending process you should be able to just save an HTML file and replace the contents.

You'd have to use the Email wrapper and replace the content portion I think and it would show like:
Hey {Membername}

But you know that in the send process it would replace the {membername} with the end users name.

That's all I can really say.

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