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Hey Folks 

Has anybody implemented or got any suggestions for implementing a recruitment area/solution on IPS?

I am not talking about a fully fledged 'upload your CV and apply for listed jobs' type solution - I just want to list jobs in a smart and efficient way that looks good and is easy to interact with. I appreciate I can use pages with custom templates, but was wondering if there's something else I've missed. I've searched the marketplace and couldn't see anything there, other than perhaps modifying the Classifieds app. Assuming then that folks, if they have a jobs section on their site, are using pages, or their own custom development.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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3 minutes ago, christopher-w said:

Pages Supergrid working very nicely for category listings thank you. But.., I purchased this years ago and no renewal fee? Do you accept PayPal contributions?

You could buy one or more of my other products, even if you have no immediate use for them. That would work equally well. 😉 

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