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Download - Highest Rated not working

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I noticed that if in Download one sort items by “Highest Reted”, he only takes into account the number of stars (5) but not how many people have assigned this rating:


Here he shows the first Ukrainian translation that has 5 stars but with a review, while in my opinion it should show the Russian translation first, which has 4 and a half stars but based on 12 reviews.

Looking at this other category, maybe it's a little clearer:  https://invisioncommunity.com/files/category/160-applications-and-plugins/?sortby=file_rating&sortdirection=desc

Obviously I don't know if it's me who misunderstood his sort by Higher Vote.. But I think higher rating should make a comparison between rating -> reviews, while sorting for multiple reviewed should only take into account those who received more reviews though all negative.



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17 minutes ago, bfarber said:

I understand what you're describing as a human but this is how the software works I'm afraid.

Ok, But if 5 products have example 5 stars, then to order them must go to see the number of reviews, as in the example:


On what basis do you choose to view the Ukraine review first instead of the Polish or Spanish one even if they all have five stars, although the others are more “popular” and therefore with a more accurate rating?

I sincerely believe that after ordering them by vote, he must also check the number of downloads and number reviews and create an average outside of the number of stars assigned.  If a review has 1 rating with 5 stars, but another has 25 votes with an average of 4 stars, I think it should be seen first the one with 4 stars.

With this way, the ranking by sort by vote, will always remain unchanged.

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