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Better statistics about our customers

Tom S.

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I've made a topic about this before but I feel it's something that is severely lacking yet so useful and probably a fairly easy feature to implement. 

We need better statics about how our site is performing with relation to customers. Right now all we have are general overview of what was purchased and revenue. There is also some markets data which is nice, but we really should be able to see things along the line of:

  • How long are users staying subscribed to renewal products (churn rates)
  • How much are users spending on average per month
  • What is the average revenue per customer
  • What is the conversion rate of trial to paying

etc etc...

All this info should already be available within the database in some kind of form, we just need a nice visual way to interpret it and create reports.

On a side note, Stripe has some reporting tools already on their platform but when I go there, it's empty. So I wonder could the API be better setup so that stripe can use the sales data coming from IPS? That would already be a big win.


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