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Searching dev to change some elements on our board

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I hope this message is at the good place. If not, my bad. Please moves it where it belong.

I run a site for the French magic community.

On it there is a board: https://virtualmagie.com/forum/

And a part of it, is for members to buy and sell their old stuffs: https://virtualmagie.com/forum/forum/3-2-petites-annonces/

Ok course there is lot of limitation cause it is just a board. 😉

I want to make some cosmetic changes to look more as Vinted site.

Here some priorities on the Add message page :

  1. That change have to be only on Sells part (Vente in French) sub boards: Lectures, Matos, Vidéos, Collections, Grandes Illusions, Lots & Autres
  2. Add a Price field + a case Propose a price (for those which don't want to put one)
  3. Remove/hide the category fields
  4. Put the Add photos in first position and make it mandatory
  5. On a product page, put the contente of the Price fiekds under the title instead of the category

Please find a PDF with a example of if. VM - Petites Annonces Maquettes.pdf

First, is it possible?

Second, I find someone to do this first works (I have plenty of ideas to change after the products page).

Please be free to contact me and help me to achieve those ideas.


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