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Downloads - Make empty category a header?

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I could have sworn that there was an addon/plugin that allowed this in the past, but can't seem to find it.

Is there a way to have the first Category in a download section act as just a Header?

Category Name 1 (Header only - No files) - Clicking on this would show files from the Child Categories under it or just show the Child Category headers/descriptions that are under it.
- Child Category 1 (has files)
- Child Category 2 (has files) 
- Child Category 3 (has files) 

Category Name 2 (Header only - No files)
- Child Category 1 (has files)
- Child Category 2 (has files)
- Child Category 3 (has files)

The current way is a little confusing... If you don't have any files under the main Category, but files in the child, it looks empty.  There is no indication that there are child categories that do have files listed.

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