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    • By TDBF
      Come across an issue with the Polls Block.
      The Poll block still allows you to vote in a poll even though you have voted in that poll via the topic.
      Yes caching is on, but I have never had this issue before.
    • By NAWAC
      I am using the API to create topics successfully. However, I cannot seem to be able to add a poll to a topic via the API . Here is what I'm using as my post fields that is sent to the API via curl. Note, everything below the /* poll variables below */ comment is what I'm trying to post as the poll data to the topic. The topic still gets posted, but the poll does not get created in the topic.  What am I doing wrong?
      $post_fields = array(                     'key'             => urlencode($apiKey) // the topic id                     ,'forum'         => urlencode(IPBFORUM_ID) // the forum id                     ,'title'        => urlencode('This is the title') // the title                     ,'post'         => urlencode($message)                     ,'author'        => urlencode($user_id)                     ,'author_name'    => urlencode($author_name)                      ,'hidden'         => urlencode('0') /* poll variables below */                     ,'poll_title'    => 'Cast your vote'                     // poll_options: Array of objects with keys 'title' (string), 'answers' (array of objects with key 'value' set to the choice) and 'multichoice' (bool)                     ,'poll_options' => array('title'        => urlencode('Make your choice, either Yes or No:')                                             ,'answers'        => array('Yes','No')                                             ,'multichoice'     => '0'                                             )                     ,'poll_public'    => '0' // bool     Make the poll public                     ,'poll_only'    => '0' // bool     Make this a poll-only topic                 );  
    • By Sonya*
      1. Poll in user profile
      Poll in user profile looks messy. There should be better template, compare to default vertical poll block from Block Manager.

      2. Buttons in poll block
      When using poll as block, we have three buttons that take more place than poll itself.

      Can we have button split here? The same for vertical block.
      3. Custom block vs. Block Manager
      If I create a custom block for the poll without any changes to the template, I get another look.

      Yes, I know that one can change HTML template. But if I create a block based on already existed block and do not change anything on the template, then I expect the block to look the same as the original. Probably it is relevant to the bug https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/463943-box-format-for-wysiwyg-editor-bug/#comment-2870283 here.  
    • By SC36DC
      Even though there are votes in each thread, the main page of Questions and Answers shows all to have 0 Votes. Is this a known bug, am I missing a setting? I'd appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

    • By NerdCore
      Before, moderators were able to edit poll votes. After the update, we can't find the button to do so?
      The permission is still there, but where can we edit the poll votes?
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